Direct mail campaigns


74 trillion emails are sent every year. An email lifespan is two seconds, but a direct mail lifespan is 17 days 

70% of people say they receive too many emails. An exceptionally good visual postcard, leaflet or magazine directly mailed to your potential clients can increase your ROI by increasing brand awareness. A great subject line is a start, but it doesn’t guarantee leads. 74 trillion emails are sent every year. Go old school and send it by post. 75% of direct mail respondents remember the brand that reached out to the 44% for emails. Direct mail has 4.4% response rate, whereas emails have a meagre 0.12%. Direct mail creates 10% more customers than email DMA. 

The effectiveness of direct mail can also be measured in personalisation; the method allows you to speak directly to your audience and personalise your message for their needs and buying habits. Therefore, you build trust and consumer loyalty –. Direct mail marketing campaigns are clever, especially in this day and age, taking you away from the ever-growing spam of the online world.

Let us help you improve your customer engagement but helping you save time and money by looking after your whole mailing campaign.

Designing your mailshot 

Printing your media 

Fulfilment – be it plain envelopes or eye-catching branded envelopes, polywrapping or potato starch, we choose the best way for your product to be wrapped to ensure it is well received.

Mailing – we help you choose what’s right for you at the best price and offer you ways that you can save on your mailing costs with data solutions and services, either Royal Mail or DSAs. 

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